Dosier- und Anlagentechnik für die Betonindustrie

Kompetent, Leistungsfähig und Innovativ

BM-Spraying device

simple, effective, economical

1. STD- Spraying Unit

Reliable System for Oils and Impregnation

  • dropfree
  • short and abrupt structure
  • optional proportional dosage possible mixes water-thinnable oils in adjustable proportions with water

2. STP-Spraying Unit

STD-Spraying unit with pulse width modulation

  • all features of the STD-Spraying Unit
  • extreme low quantities are adjustable

3. SAUR-Spraying Unit

Spraying system for Acrylate (also for Impregnation).

  • short and abrupt pressure structure
  • multiple usage on the wetside of plaster production

4. SPUR-Spraying Unit

  • Pump pressure is right up to the spray heads, extreme short and abrupt structure of the spray pattern.
  • parts in contact with the pump are made of special sealing material
  • Special pump intake simplifies the suction of the material which helps product changes!
  • Electromagnetic nozzle shortens the construction and dismantling of the spray pattern even more (a few milliseconds)
  • Electromagnetic nozzle generated by pulse width modulation to 1/20 smaller amount emissions, compared to standard nozzle throughput.
  • Cleaning of the system or a change of the spray medium without dead space is a lot easier.
  • avoid internal adhesions in nozzle head by drying, as no air enters (closed system)
  • low-pressure system; with little spray
  • variable quantities are adjustable WITHOUT a change of nozzles
  • flowmeter detects flow fault, thus prevents faulty batches
  • All relevant parameters are memorized in a formulation!
  • Optional exhaust system is integrated in the enclosure of the spray unit; Separation between exhausted air and spray in the housing available!
  • Error messages can be averaged by an error counter!