Dosier- und Anlagentechnik für die Betonindustrie

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BM - Dosing plants

Stationary Dosage system

Stationary Dosage system for liquid colours. Gravimetric and volumetric dosing systems ensure an exact and efficient dosing of colours.

Mobile Dosage system

Mobile colour dosage systems are closed systems with its own fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual control. Normally there are volumetric plant systems with a semi-automatic control used. These systems consist of a delivery container, a fixed valve in the mixer tower and a controller in the engine room.

By automatic timing, the pump at the container delivers the requested quantity of liquid colour through a hose to the filling valve in the mixer tower. From there the liquid colour is metered into the mixer. The exact, accurate time circuit allows an adequate dosing.

In order for the liquid paint to be used for a long period of time, a circulation valve is part of the standard equipment of the dosage system. If necessary, the colour can be recirculated. Due to the regular motion of the colour suspension, settling out of the solids is avoided, and a homogenous aggregate state is ensured.

Once the colour in the pedestral container is used up, the above standing shipping container is opened on the ball valve and the liquid colour can be emptied in free fall, into the pedestral container. Empty shipping containers can be lifted easily with a forklift or wheel loader and be replaced with a full container.

Admixture dosage system

Stationary or mobile dosage systems for concrete admixtures, either gravimetric or volumetric dosing systems ensure an exact and efficient dosing of admixtures.