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NIR System

Another important issue is the drying of sprayed material. In most applications, the product to be sprayed is only treated on the surface, sprayed and then packed.

As a film-forming impregnation is not generally dried up for packaging, it can be dried by heating. This can be done by our NIR infrared heaters.

Gas or diesel burners are not suitable due to the necessary IR frequencies (low IR range) because they work ineffectively. One possible way to dry it is the use of NIR modules which dries the coated material on a distance of approx. 4,50 m. There are up to 6 NIR-Modules used. Depending on the characteristics of the material that gets application, it needs different ways of drying. It can be exclusively residual heat or a combination of preheating (heating of the products before applying) and residual heat (final drying after application). With integrated ventilators (in the system) the drying is accelerated and brings the evaporated moisture out of the tunnel.

When choosing the application material it should be ensured that the solid content is as high as possible. Therefore less water has to evaporate and less energy is required.